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WHAT IS PONGCHAT? PongChat is a new app for smarthphone, it allows you to find users at every distance! A good way to chat faster and easier.

WHY SHOULD YOU USE PONGCHAT? PongChat is not like the other chat apps because you can log in using only a nickname and specifying your sex. In this way you can look for users with the features decided by you, for example: male or female users specifying their sexual orientation (heterosexual, gay, bisexual).

WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH PONGCHAT? Besides chatting, you can also share images and photos with the possibility to see them without saving before! Moreover you can create groups that are active until the last user leaves using Logout option.

DO YOU NEED GPS TO USE THIS APP? No, it is possible to start a research without using Gps. Clearly the users locations are less accurate. So It is recommended to enable Gps for a best geolocation.

WHAT HAPPENS IF I CLOSE PONGCHAT? If PongChat will be closed or you'll restart/shut down your smartphone, your nickname will be always available for you, it won't be canceled! Simply, when you will open PongChat again, it will skip login step to access directly to the Search menu. Moreover Users Chats will be saved (except photos in the chat) and it will be possible to chat with the same users everytime (except if they did Logout). If you want to change your nickname or logging out from Pongchat, you must use Logout option.

WHAT HAPPENS AFTER LOGOUT? After logout, your nickname, your chat histories will be automatically canceled from the server. However you can save received images during app use. The Gallery's Pictures will be always saved except if you delete them manually (long pressing on the image for the 'delete' option).



Please feel free to send us any questions about our app services to assistance@pongchat-app.com
so we will publish your questions that could help future users with your same doubts :)
You can also visit our How It Works page to know more about PongChat.




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