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PongChat is based on take a pong and send a ping! If you want to make the best use of PongChat, you should know:

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1. You need specify your nickname, gender and sexual orientation to log in;
2. After login, you go into the Search menu. Here you have to specify a distance and a unit of measurement to find people around you; you can select different options to find who is the best for you;
3. Now you are ready to go into the Users menu. Here automatically, it will show you a list of all online users with the features you chose;

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4. At the choice of a user, it will be open a chat window which allows you to do different things:

- You can share instant photos to send thanks to the button on the upper right side (camera image); The pictures will be saved on the device only one time and then it will be asked you if accept or decline the sending. Everytime you take a photo, it will be replaced to the file before (using the base camera app); So you can take all the photos you want desiding if send them or not without collecting them on the phone.
- You can find the option button on the upper right side. It allows you to personalize the chat changing colours both the sending bubbles and receiving ones; you can also change the windows chat background and sending images.
5. You can create groups using the 'Create Group' feature in the app options; moreover as the user chat window, you can also personalize chat group interface.

6. Sending/Receiving Pictures are shown in the Gallery ready to be share everywhere you want.



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